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High Tech

Tree of Life computers is a small, but technically advanced, company situated in the Highlands of Scotland and operating from the Christian community at Ugadale Farm near Campbeltown on Kintrye. We have been engaged in building computers, repairing them and all their ancillary hardware, and writing software for more than 15 years at this location and our computer experience goes back more than 40 years!

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Serve the Community

The mix of doing most everything with PC's, from simple repairs, to making new machines, to providing detail IT support, to writing Web applications suits this out-of-the-way location very much where we have to depend on ourselves and not any number of specialist firms. It also suits very well the broad interests and experience of the people here.

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High Tech Challenges

Even with this breadth of strength the company also has its specialities. Tim Dickson is a professional electronics engineer so that making electronic equipment work that embodies some real challenge is his delight. Roland Pullen is a mathematician who has been writing software since the nineteen sixties in any number of languages and teaching many computer topics up to post graduate levels. Both Tim and Roland delight in meeting the challenge of each new wave of technology which comes along. For Roland the current challenge has been in writing web-based application software. These two form the core of this company.

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Customers Far and Wide

The main issue with a company in this remote location is getting in touch with customers, whether they be 'local' customers, who may be 60 or 100 miles away, or more distant customers who may be in Perth, Grimsby, Doncaster, London, Glasgow, dublin or where ever. The Web software for a company in Perth, for use nationally by companies from the far south of England to the Orkney Isles, is a good example of more distant customers. The production and maintenance of this software can be done as conveniently near the Mull of Kintyre as anywhere else in the country. We have the advantage of a lower cost structure than most other places.

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Beauty to Behold

It is truly magnificent to be able to live and work in this part of world with an unparalleled combination of wonderful scenery, freedom from serious hourly pressure, supportive neighbours and people generally, and excellent culture. That does not mean that economic realities disappear but that there are serious compensations for not being in the 'square mile'.

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